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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 saves Police officer's life

Posted on 7th Mar 2015 @ 3:42 PM

A police sergeant senior major who life was spared by his Samsung Galaxy Note 2, will get a free Samsung Galaxy S6 from Samsung Thailand to change the harmed handset. 'Pol Maj Gen Sophon Thonglorm' was shot on Monday, however the slug was blocked by the Galaxy Note 2 that the officer carried on the left half of his waist.




The bullet entered the phone and hit Thomglorm in the side. In any case, the Galaxy Note 2 eased off the shot's speed so much that the subsequent wound was not life debilitating. The handset didn't make it, nonetheless, and succumbed to its wounds.

The story circulated around the web and arrived at Samsung Thailand. The organization offered the officer another Samsung Galaxy S6, and included travelling costs with the goal that the officer could make the excursion to Bangkok to get the gadget. The officer's companions say that we was spared by the "Luangpor Samsung." The expression "Luangpor" alludes to a holy ornament.